POD with Disposable Tank



*** General Introduction:

The S series is the popular POD e-cig. It is in a mini size of 101.3mm. It has a 280mAh battery with 3.5V output. It creates big smog and strong feeling. 

This model just has a disposable sealed tank and you need to replace the used cartridge with a new one to enjoy the healthy puffing. We will have new model of the R series which can be refilled with your own e-liquid. 

*** Main Structure: 1pc battery body + 1pc filled tank + 1pc USB charger cable

* S series Battery: Polymer Lithium Battery.

Capacity: 280mAh. 3.5V  constant output. 

Charging: DC5V/250MA. 

Color: According to customers' requirements. 

Main Material: Aluminum Alloy.

* S Series POD Tank:

Capacity: 1.3ML.

Resistance: 1.4Ω. 

Color: Black Translucent Color.


Main Material: Nickel-chromium heating coil. Organic cotton.

* POD size: Length: 101.3mm; Width:15.17mm; Depth: 9.5mm. Curved Surface.

* POD tank: Food grade PCTG.


Main materials: propylene glycol, glycerol, natural plant extract, nicotine salt, etc.

Storage: Put the tanks in a cool and shade place. Do not take off the silicon caps when you don't use it.

 * Top LED, micro charging port. 

1, When puffing, LED is on and smog is out. LED is off when puffing is end. 

2, LED is on during charging. LED is off after the battery is fully charged.

3, Micro USB charger. 

4, Cautions and Warning.

*** S Series Packing Details:

 * Default POD S Series Packaging:




S series battery


 280mAh. Blue color/Blue LED as default.

S series Tank


1.3ML. 200puffs.

Orange color, Marlboro 18mg as default.

USB Charger


 USB charger with micro charging port

User Manual


Model number: mini pod. Gift Box.


* Default Tank Packaging:

Single Tank

Small Box (white case as default)

Medium Box (glossy white as default)

Sealed Foil Wrapper

3pcs per box

 10small boxes per medium box