Made by FARSEE is a symbol. 

Being a manufactory, we want to be the best. 

*** Professional R&D Team:

To carry out our customers' OEM/ODM requirements, we have the professional R&D department to support. 

Also R&D dept. creates of FARSEE design and invention. 

*** Skillful Workers:

We have special training department to train all new workers to make sure they are skillful engouh before working in the formal producing lines. 

Most of the workers are working in FARSEE over 5years. Many of them are over 10years. They are the family of FARSEE and they are familiar with every producing details and consider each product or component as their own creation.

*** Quality Control:

The strict quality control system can make sure each product is in a highest quality level before shipping of our factory. 

*** ISO Workshop Management:

We adapts the ISO9001 manufacturing standard to manage the factory. 

The workshop is the dust-free plant. All producing procedures strictly meets the food-standard specification. 

*** Material Supplier Control:


We have special supplier control dept. working together with purchasing dept. to make sure all matrials are strictly under the food standard with the best quality. We never accept the cheap materials in a bad quality.